Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thinking about an art/illustration style

Now that I have a city in mind, my next step is to decide on what illustration/art style I will be using for the YO! sushi mural. I want it to not only reflect YO! sushi as a brand, but also fit in with the lifestyle and culture of the city of London.

When I think of London as a whole, the type of style that comes to mind is a grungy, graffiti approach. This is because of the urban lifestyle of many of the Londoners. It also comes down to the graffiti portrayed throughout the streets and underground.
However I wouldn’t feel confident enough to use this type of style, as I haven’t had any experience in graffiti art. On the other hand I could take certain elements from the graffiti style, such as the bright colours and flat style vector shapes.

Produced in a slightly different way these aspects I have mentioned could have potential to work, as YO! sushi as a whole is portrayed using bright colours and some flat vectors throughout there menu’s.

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