Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Initial thoughts/ideas for the mural

After doing research into the YO! sushi brand, my first initial thoughts came from looking at the way in which the food is served within the restaurants.

The image shown below shows the plates being served on a conveyor belt

As soon as i looked at this image, something clicked and i instantly saw the shape of the River Thames through the shape of the conveyor belt.
This then left me with a number of possibilities on how this could be used and incorporated into the YO! sushi mural.

I first thought of producing the illustration of this exactly how the image is shown, with the plates going round on it. This would be the River Thames, using blue outlines in marker pen.
The rest of the mural would represent the map of London, (a little like the beginning of Eastenders when it zooms out) including all the major landmarks tourists would recognise, but all either obscure shaping or a lot bigger than they would be on the map.
e.g. Buckingham Palace may be taller than big ben, as the Queen is what makes London a tourist attraction in my opinion. This is just an example and i may not produce it in this way.

As i liked the idea of the London map, i decided to watch the opening of Eastenders to see exactly how and where the River Thames would fit into my mural in relation to the layout, if i was to do it this way.

The beginning starts zoomed in on the Millennium Dome, then zooms out to show the vast size that London is. This then triggered another thought on how i could make my mural interesting.
Looking at the shape of the Millennium Dome made me think of the plates on the conveyor belt, which then led me to think about how i could replace certain aspects of iconic objects related to London, with things related to YO! sushi.

I already had the River Thames as the conveyor belt, the Millennium Dome as one of the plates. However it may not work with all the chosen images i'm going to use my mural, plus it may get confused with a Japanese theme if i start including Japanese images into the mural, as i have to consider if wether or not the onlooker is familiar with London landmarks.

I will try out my initial ideas though and have a go at sketching out how i have visualised it.
You never know it could work, i'm not dismissing any ideas at this stage. i can only develop them a lot further from where i have started.

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