Monday, 27 September 2010

London's famous landmarks etc

Now that I have chosen London as my city for the YO! sushi mural, my next step is to look into what aspects are most related to London, in other words look at the most popular tourist attractions associated with London. By doing so will give me a list of what things to include within my mural.

When typing London into Google these were the first items listed:

London Eye
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Big Ben

I’ll count these as top of the mind branding from Google, however there are a lot more things that could be added to that list including :

London Underground
River Thames
Houses of Parliament
St Paul’s Cathedral
Trafalgar Square
Queens Guards
Red bus

The list goes on for what I could say is associated with London, but in my opinion, these are the most common landmarks etc, that people would say if they were asked to name something to do with London.

Some other aspects of London that could be added to the list are:

The Queen
British Flag
Pound Sterling

However i could go down a completely different route and not use images at all, but typography expressing the London lifestyle, either through famous street signs or well known songs from London etc. Done typographical could look really interesting, i will not dismiss this idea as it could work in some way through the mural.

I’m not sure wether I’ll be using all of the items from both lists, it all depends on what art style I pick. However if the art style were quite crowded then it would work really well, but if not I will pick the items off the list that I personally feel express the city of London the best.

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  1. becky, very good throughout, i'm impressed!