Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Iconic Vectors

I thought now would be the time to add more of my vector images now that i had finished them. I won't be including them all just a few that i like. I've also incorporated the YO! sushi colours to make certain images stand out more and look a bit more quirky.

Great Feedback

After redesigning the original mural, I was in need of some feedback. As I had been staring at my design for too long I had convinced myself that the vector style wouldn't work.
My confidence in the mural had started to slip...

Until I spoke to fellow classmates and tutors and they thought that the style was great and had a uniqueness about it. This greatly boosted my confidence and i decided to stick the vector style.

At the moment I am still playing around with layout, but i'm sure it will be finished within the next week or so.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New vector

This is the newly developed Japanese girl, she looks more modern and slightly resembles the character used for YO! sushi. At least with this vector there is some sort of link to YO! sushi.

I tried to make the illustration look a little more edgy by not letting the colours stay within the black outlines, as i feel this was the down fall before because it looked to neat.

I've also tried to simplify it as much as i can, i've change the hair so less colour is used, as before the girl had pigtails. I've also got rid of the shoes as i felt this was adding to the childlike effect.

To fit in the YO! sushi brand, i've incorporated the company colours so she looks as though she belongs.

Thinking of how could use her in the mural has to be different to the last example shown. Eventhough i really liked the idea of her being a typical tourist, she will become the main aspect like before and i may fall back into the trap of it looking like something for a storybook.

Therefore i may only be using her once, depending on how the mural looks. I really think she would work on the other aspects such as direct mail, plus other aspects within the YO! sushi restaurant. E.g. On menu's, even toilet doors, so a Japanese boy to accompany her may work also within the mural, it's something i will consider.

I think they work nicely together, i may not use the boy but i now know that if i wanted to, they would work.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

My vector images

Below shows my quick try at a vector illustration

As i said before i wanted to relate the action of the person to the landmark, this is what i was trying to achieve here, by making the girl make the time of Big Ben out of her YO! sushi plate and chopsticks.
I feel it works really well and like the meaning behind it, it's like a typical tourist thing going to all the major landmarks.

I will try to do this with most of the imagery i use, but it's highly unlikely i will be able to do it for them all.

Once i have produced a variety of images i will upload them.
The development of the japanese girl will be found in a development folder, demonstrating sketches of how i got to the final result.

Below shows my rough sketch idea produced with all my vector illustrations

This is a first attempt at the mural, i think the images used to depict London work well, however i don't like the style of the japanese girl. It makes it look quite childlike, as if it is for a storybook.
I won't let this put me off i will try different ways of developing it, i may even have to change the look of the girl completely, followed by the mural itself.

Brand Report

After looking at a variety of cities to choose from for my YO! sushi mural, I have decided on the city of London. The reason for this is I feel that London has a lot of well known landmarks around the city, therefore it will be a lot more easier to produce a mural, as I may not have to use every single landmark to show the viewer it is London.
The other reason is I have visited London a few times and feel confident enough on what to
include within my mural, as I have done most of the typical tourist attractions.

Therefore I will create the mural for an opening of YO! sushi that is situated in an area of London, where tourists are present. As I don’t feel confident enough to do a mural for a specific area of London, as I don’t know the areas of London.

As my mural will be for a YO! sushi based in a top tourist spot, the images I intend to include are the stereotypical images of London. Many of these will be in the top list for top of the mind
branding. E.g. Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge. The list goes on.

The issue I have is that many people will be doing London for their own murals, for all the reasons I have mentioned above. However I feel I could make mine stand out from the rest just from the illustration style used.

After looking at a number of artists/ illustrators my YO! sushi mural will be influenced by the 2D
vector style of Petra Stefankova, as the style they has a youthful feel and I feel this would fit in well with the target audience for YO! sushi.
Stefankova’s style also includes a lot of vibrant colours throughout the vector images, this will also fit nicely into the YO! sushi brand because as a whole it is a very colourful company.

The other illustrator I liked the look of was Jon Burgerman, again I liked the colourfulness of his illustrations. Eventhough he produces crude illustrations by hand and not vectors, I like the way in which they overlapped one another and looking quite crowded. I will be taking this aspect from Jon Burgerman. As I feel produced in the correct was on my mural, it will portray London’s busy streets and urban culture.

My mural will almost be like a bird’s eye view looking down onto the River Thames with all the
major landmarks placed appropriately according to where they are situated in London. I will also have a young Japanese girl with her bowl of sushi at these landmarks, doing the typical tourist thing of sight seeing.

She will be doing different actions at each landmark that link in with the landmark. My development folder will enlighten more about this.

Monday, 4 October 2010

A rethink into my ideas

I know i had a clear initial idea into how i was going to produce the illustration style and what i was going to include in the mural, however that has now changed after i found an image i really liked and spoke about the brief with my boyfriend.

Firstly this is the image that changed all my thinking 

I found this image by typing in London Illustrations into Google, this piece of art is produce by famous illustrator Petra Stefankova, who specialises in flat 2D vectors. 

Another example of Petra Stefankova work

I feel it would fit in with Jon Burgerman's style ( who i was originally going to be influenced by), because it's quirky and vibrant. These aspects then fit in with YO! sushi as a whole because of the target audience it is aimed at. I will do a similar style to Petra Stefankova and Jon Burgerman mixed together, but make it my own. 

This could easily work for the YO! sushi company, as it combines both London and Toyko together in this illustration. I feel a little under pressure know that i have seen this, to make my own a lot better.
This illustration has also made me feel confident in making my mural vector based now, because after analysing how this illustration is put together most of it is just simple shapes.
I will play around with vector styles as i have never done anything with vectors in it, i'm taking a risk but hopefully it will work.

The next part of my idea change was after talking about my ideas to my boyfriend and he suggested that it might work well if i kept the YO! sushi conveyor belt running through the mural as the River Thames, but then include people eating sushi at the major landmarks around London. As if they had collected there plates of the conveyor belt.

I loved this idea and decided to play around with how i could use this to my advantage.
I didn't want the same image at all the different landmarks, i wanted to relate the action of the person with the sushi, to the landmark.