Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New vector

This is the newly developed Japanese girl, she looks more modern and slightly resembles the character used for YO! sushi. At least with this vector there is some sort of link to YO! sushi.

I tried to make the illustration look a little more edgy by not letting the colours stay within the black outlines, as i feel this was the down fall before because it looked to neat.

I've also tried to simplify it as much as i can, i've change the hair so less colour is used, as before the girl had pigtails. I've also got rid of the shoes as i felt this was adding to the childlike effect.

To fit in the YO! sushi brand, i've incorporated the company colours so she looks as though she belongs.

Thinking of how could use her in the mural has to be different to the last example shown. Eventhough i really liked the idea of her being a typical tourist, she will become the main aspect like before and i may fall back into the trap of it looking like something for a storybook.

Therefore i may only be using her once, depending on how the mural looks. I really think she would work on the other aspects such as direct mail, plus other aspects within the YO! sushi restaurant. E.g. On menu's, even toilet doors, so a Japanese boy to accompany her may work also within the mural, it's something i will consider.

I think they work nicely together, i may not use the boy but i now know that if i wanted to, they would work.

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  1. oohh i like this becky! :) and iv just noticed your panda wallpaper! lol