Thursday, 7 October 2010

Brand Report

After looking at a variety of cities to choose from for my YO! sushi mural, I have decided on the city of London. The reason for this is I feel that London has a lot of well known landmarks around the city, therefore it will be a lot more easier to produce a mural, as I may not have to use every single landmark to show the viewer it is London.
The other reason is I have visited London a few times and feel confident enough on what to
include within my mural, as I have done most of the typical tourist attractions.

Therefore I will create the mural for an opening of YO! sushi that is situated in an area of London, where tourists are present. As I don’t feel confident enough to do a mural for a specific area of London, as I don’t know the areas of London.

As my mural will be for a YO! sushi based in a top tourist spot, the images I intend to include are the stereotypical images of London. Many of these will be in the top list for top of the mind
branding. E.g. Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge. The list goes on.

The issue I have is that many people will be doing London for their own murals, for all the reasons I have mentioned above. However I feel I could make mine stand out from the rest just from the illustration style used.

After looking at a number of artists/ illustrators my YO! sushi mural will be influenced by the 2D
vector style of Petra Stefankova, as the style they has a youthful feel and I feel this would fit in well with the target audience for YO! sushi.
Stefankova’s style also includes a lot of vibrant colours throughout the vector images, this will also fit nicely into the YO! sushi brand because as a whole it is a very colourful company.

The other illustrator I liked the look of was Jon Burgerman, again I liked the colourfulness of his illustrations. Eventhough he produces crude illustrations by hand and not vectors, I like the way in which they overlapped one another and looking quite crowded. I will be taking this aspect from Jon Burgerman. As I feel produced in the correct was on my mural, it will portray London’s busy streets and urban culture.

My mural will almost be like a bird’s eye view looking down onto the River Thames with all the
major landmarks placed appropriately according to where they are situated in London. I will also have a young Japanese girl with her bowl of sushi at these landmarks, doing the typical tourist thing of sight seeing.

She will be doing different actions at each landmark that link in with the landmark. My development folder will enlighten more about this.

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