Thursday, 7 October 2010

My vector images

Below shows my quick try at a vector illustration

As i said before i wanted to relate the action of the person to the landmark, this is what i was trying to achieve here, by making the girl make the time of Big Ben out of her YO! sushi plate and chopsticks.
I feel it works really well and like the meaning behind it, it's like a typical tourist thing going to all the major landmarks.

I will try to do this with most of the imagery i use, but it's highly unlikely i will be able to do it for them all.

Once i have produced a variety of images i will upload them.
The development of the japanese girl will be found in a development folder, demonstrating sketches of how i got to the final result.

Below shows my rough sketch idea produced with all my vector illustrations

This is a first attempt at the mural, i think the images used to depict London work well, however i don't like the style of the japanese girl. It makes it look quite childlike, as if it is for a storybook.
I won't let this put me off i will try different ways of developing it, i may even have to change the look of the girl completely, followed by the mural itself.

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