Friday, 12 November 2010

further development for the menu

Like i said previous i was going to use the japanese girl from the mural, within the menu, direct mail etc. The previous menu didn't reflect this, so i did a totally different approach and got my head around the branding project, and rebranding the menu.

This is more unique and shows my design flare on the menu, i also like how it's using the images from the mural, because it keeps it corporate in keeping with it.
I also like the space it has, makes it modern like the company, but also has a fun and young feel about it. which again links in with YO! sushi brand.

This is the inside page, keeping with the London underground from the previous menu, which i still feel works quite well.
It has a nice clean feel and again modern, i really like this it's a complete different approach to the previous menu and will be sticking with this layout.

I will have to keep this clean look throughout my menu, to keep consistency. This shouldn't be a problem as the YO! sushi band is quite modern and minimal, i still want to incorporate this into it.

I feel this are working very nicely and have a nice use of the white space, eventhough there's a lot of type, it doesn't look crowded. It's also balanced in a asymmetric way. I will keep this layout for all the pages.

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