Monday, 29 November 2010

direct mail

I couldn't really think of a unique piece of direct mail, i thought of all the obvious solutions, such as a bottle opener and fridge magnet. However i wanted to be more unique and come up with something that none of my other class mates would think of.

I suddenly got the idea from a dream i was having, i woke up and had to write it down before i forgot it. Sounds a bit cheesy but when explaining it to fellow classmates and tutors they sounded impressed by it.

The idea was to send out a flyer type thing through the post, and apon opening inside you would find one chopstick.

This in turn created a direct response as to claim the other chopstick you had to go into YO! sushi, then you can claim a free meal of your choice.

I also added a funny paragraph about the use of one chopstick, being used as a wand, if you wanted to be harry potter, but not good if you wanted to eat at YO! sushi. I did this to keep the quirkiness of the brand.

These 2 pages will be side by side, the yellow line on the second page is where the chopstick will go, it will look as though she's holding it.
Again the use of space is present, which i'm a fan of. I personally think this will be an effective way of coaxing people into the restaurant, but it's also a funny way, as the viewer may think they have forgot to put the other chopstick in, until they read the passage.

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  1. dreams............ looks like they can come true

    ha ha

    mr c